Shoper Multi Vendor Ecommerce App ( User + Vendor + Admin )

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Designer Guy


Vendor Mobile app

Vendor/seller can login & Create store. Get  URL for store where they can share to their customers. This app is fully designed for development purposes and you can customize it according to your needs.

Vendors can able to manage store, Customers, Orders, Coupons, Home page dashboard, Account, Products.

Login / Create Store

Homepage & Store setup

Account & Store Management


Order Management

Product Management

Store Web App For Customers

This is web app for customers. Customers can able to explore products, choose varients of the product, choose delivery address, choose payment options and place the orders.

Home page and order placing Flow

Login signup & Adding new address

Orders and empty states

Super Admin App For Management

Super admin is a project owner, where they can manage everything like, products of the store, customers, vendors, orders, settings page, everying…

Order Management